Pricing in translation does not have a one-size-fits-all formula. It depends upon numerous factors such as language combinations, length of the document vis-à-vis the time deadlines, number of words, nature of the project (legal or interpretation), etc. One concept common to all businesses is that, the rarer the request, the higher the timelines required to process the request and the higher the price point for the same. Rest assured, at OnTime Translation, we are competitive, fair and upfront with our pricing communications and execution commitments.

Factors that determine pricing for translation/editing/copywriting projects:

1. It’s not a secret that an A4 page may contain 200 words or 1000 words depending upon the font-style and size and page margins. Hence, it is not fair to charge our partners per A4 page. Our rates for translation, editing and copywriting services are based on standard pages’ count of 200 words per page.
2. Specialized texts that need special knowledge of the field are priced slightly higher than average everyday texts. These texts include medicine, engineering, technical manuals, legal texts, software localization, etc.
3. Urgent projects are priced higher than those with a relaxed schedule. However, having enough staff, we can usually handle reasonably big projects at average prices. Therefore, what is “urgent” for other service providers is almost always “business as usual” for us.
4. The size and word count of the project play an important role in pricing. Bigger the scope, greater the price… but nothing to worry there as we have special discounts for large projects.
5. Prices of our proofreading and editing services range between 30-50% of the translation rate, depending again on the above-mentioned factors.
6. Interpretation services whether consecutive or simultaneous are usually priced per hour/day; and it varies from language to language.
7. Interpretation equipment are priced per day depending on the number of attendants/devices required. Generally, a technician from our side will attend your occasion to install, do maintenance and dismantle the equipment, and his services will be free of charge.

We accept payments via:

  • Cach
  • Cheque
  • Bank Transfers
  • ATM Deposite

Your questions and inquiries are very much welcome. Please feel free to get in touch with us for a FREE QUOTE and CONSULTATION on your next translation project.