Confidentiality is the most important part of any modern risk management study. If there is any leak in your legal, or financial bids and proposals, or in your marketing and strategic documents, it may lead to unbearable losses for the customer. In pure business terms, it is not safe to disclose one’s document with any party without signing a NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement). But most clients seem to completely negate this thought before choosing their translation vendor.
At OnTime Translation, we treat confidentiality with utmost seriousness. All our employees have to sign a strict non-disclosure agreement on the first day of their employment. Hence, they are legally bound to respect and treat all kind of information that may be disclosed to them with utmost confidentiality.
To further the cause and ensure completeness of this promise, we keep all translated documents in a safe archiving server that can be accessed only the authorized personnel of the company. We will never use, disclose or reproduce any of our clients’ documents/translations in any manner without their written consent.