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People from over 200 nationalities live in the UAE. This great mix of people from different demographics and cultures enables the UAE to enjoy a wonderful cosmopolitan environment that’s ideal for establishing successful businesses. But communicating with and within this diverse community is not always easy; especially written communications. Whether its local legal documentation or international business interactions, creating a level playing ground becomes harder due to the vast linguistic challenges. Translation is the tool that bridges this gap and makes it convenient for all. Hence, it’s important to choose your Translation Agency with extreme caution. 9 out of 10 translation agencies out there claim they provide expert translation services in all languages. Whereas they get the job done from outsourced individuals and agencies, who are not always accurate and reliable. Here, the client is not just taking a risk of accuracy in terminology, but is also paying double the fees. A little bit of due diligence and you will know who is the best in town for all your translation requirements in Dubai…

Welcome to OnTime Translation.

The best translators in town!

Trusted by over 10,000 clients across 6 million words of perfection, no one does it like we do.

ISO Certified and complying to CEN Standards, trust comes naturally to us.
CEN: European Committee for Standardization

6 years of market leadership without spending a dime on advertising… just word of mouth!

30,000 successful projects in the kitty and counting… its perfection with zero mistakes!

Expertise across 50 languages… our nearest competition is anything but ‘near’.

Translation is the art of transforming knowledge from one culture to another. Choose your translator wisely.


OnTime Translation is part of the OnTime Group… one of the UAE’s fastest growing multi-dimensional integrated services provider. Over the last 14 years, OnTime Group has made forays into over 15 business fields and is almost the trendsetter as far as service standard in each of those fields goes. The Group is well established with over 28 branch offices in the emirate of Dubai.

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To simplify the lives of our customers by delivering on our promises on each project.

50 Languages
6 mn & counting… WORDS TRANSLATED

Our Mission

To be a reliable partner to our customers by offering unique and integrated linguistic solutions, whilst continually raising the bar for others to follow.