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With aspiration, passion and hard-efforts you may become a scientist, but without talent you will never be an artist. A translator is an artist who paints your image with words. So, it is important you have the right person for the task.

Punctual Timing

At OnTime Translation, every project is viewed from the perspective of the culture of that language. The resulting translation is not just accurate and reliable; it is also classy and beautiful to read.

Cost Effective

And finally, OnTime Translation is fast, accurate, reliable and inexpensive. All the 50 languages that we offer, are managed and delivered through in-house resources. We do not believe in playing middlemen and burden our clients with the extra cost.

Legal Translation

For a translated document to have a legal value, it must be translated, stamped and signed by a legal translator certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice. All our translators are legally certified to do that.

Government translation

  • Ministry Documents.
  • Immigration Documents.
  • All Permits
  • Emirates ID
  • Medical Documents

  • All Licenses
  • Visa Documents
  • All Applications
  • All Certificates, etc

Entertainment Translations

  • Voice-over Scripts
  • Event Presenter Scripts
  • Event Permits
  • Video Games
  • Subtitling for Movies

  • Movie (Story) Synopsis
  • Licensing Documents
  • Event Tickets
  • Play (Story) Synopsis
  • Mobile Apps, etc.

Corporate, Business & Financial Translations

The key to successful business presence and operation is to understand what is being communicated internally and communication the same to internal and external stakeholders in the right language and accurate interpretation in terms of meaning, tone and choice of words. A well-presented document can be the deciding factor between a successful business deal and an unsuccessful transaction.

Healthcare Translations

  • Professional Contracts
  • Medical Documents
  • Visa-related Files
  • CME Documents
  • Dubai Health Authority
  • Patient Reports
  • Medical Transcriptions
  • Abu Dhabi Health

  • Medical Charts
  • Equipment Listings
  • Healthcare Project
  • Hospital Records
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Clinical Study Reports
  • Test Analysis
  • R&D Analysis

Healthcare Translations

  • Notices
  • Terms of Trade
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Retail Purchase & Sales Documents
  • Rental Agreements, etc.
  • Product Lists and Catalogues

Personal Translations

  • Marriage Certificates
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Birth Certificates
  • Child Custody
  • Education Degrees
  • Driving License
  • Marks Cards
  • Experience Certificates

  • Work Certificates
  • Covering Letters
  • Endorsements Letters
  • Character Endorsement
  • Covering Letters
  • Letters
  • Speeches
  • Invitations


Local language interpretation is very important in a country like the UAE and especially in Dubai where a lot of international business and leisure events take place daily. There is a vast population speaking a volume of languages that must be reached and communicated to, effectively… and what better way to do it than in their native language.

Marketing, Media & Advertising Translations

  • Vendor Agreements
  • Client Agreements
  • Client Testimonials
  • Strategy Presentations
  • Marketing Plans
  • Media Plans
  • Promotional and Sales
  • Brand Advertisements

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Product & Service Catalogs
  • Social Media Content
  • Web Content
  • Software Manuals
  • Retail Lists
  • User Manuals
  • Internet Files

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