Welcome to World Of Translation

OnTime Translation is part of the OnTime Group… one of the UAE’s fastest growing multi-dimensional integrated services provider. Over the last 14 years, OnTime Group has made forays into over 15 business fields and is almost the trendsetter as far as service standard in each of those fields goes. The Group is well established with over 28 branch offices in the emirate of Dubai. Employing a workforce of over 400 and offering a combined bouquet of over 1,000 services, there none or few in the UAE who can parallel OnTime Group’s expertise, knowhow or quality

OnTime Translation has been in business since 2010. So far, we have served over 10,000 clients creating over 6 million words of perfection…no one does it like we do. We are ISO Certified and are compliant with the stringent CEN Standards (European Committee for Standardization). Our biggest USP is in the fact that we undertake projects across 50 languages and our nearest competition is anything but near!
We believe, when it comes to legal and other critical documents, one must not take a chance. So, we make sure we are the one stop resource in the UAE for all things related to translation.

Why Us

Because you are not just another client for us; we are your partners in your translation project.
Together, we will complete the project to your utmost satisfaction and as per the prescribed legal requirements.
Your interest is our priority; and getting it right for you in the first attempt is our primary goal.
So apart from translation,

we will also advise you about any issues in the content, the terminology, terms of the content, ways to enhance the content, attestation requirements for the project, legal procedures, realistic timelines, etc..
We are the specialists in our field and we deliver what we promise. No surprises, no hidden costs, and no excuses.